Shadow on Concrete Wall

before and after...

The edited, finished work should be timeless rather than bending to the latest trend on instagram.

I like to add some fun and funky finishes to a select number of photos but aim to keep the bulk of the edit seamless, in the same style and just enhance what is already there...a beautiful couple and well shot images.

Please note colours don't always look the same on different computers and mobile phones. Skin tones often look dark or even a little orange on a phone.


earthy young love

When you have beautiful colours in your image you want to make them pop while warming up the skin tones and general feel of the image. This edit shows the blacks have been increased while a warm tone has been added and contrast and colour improved.

landscape come to life!

The aim of this edit was to increase the depth by improving the greens, deepening the blacks and increasing the contrast without the image becoming over edited and the bride and groom looking too shadowy.


warm portrait

This portrait needed to be warmed up and softened while maintain the focus and clarity. This can be a tricky balance at times and but the main things is to enhance the brides natural beauty without making her look overworked, and unlike herself.  

the flat matt style

This flat matt style with darker tones works well with details and rock'n'roll retro. It gives some of your favourite  photos a very cool finish.