Melbourne wedding photographers and melbourne family portrait photographers. We are located on the Eastern side of Melbourne but we are very happy to shoot anywhere in the Melbourne area.

Melbourne Wedding Photography –  Tips and Tricks

We obviously have the priviledge of attending a lot of lovely weddings so we also get to see what works and what really doesn’t so we like to share these tips and tricks with you to help your wedding day run smoothly…

1. Be organised but also remain a little flexible as things will always go wrong!

2. Little people in your bridal party can look very cute but they can also become a stress especially if they are too young. In our opinions under 3 is probably too young.

3. Have a make-up & hair trial – it really is worth it! For a fabulous make-up artist go here – Lisa Purnell

4. Have a try of your dress the day before your wedding – you never know what little thing might need attention so better to realise the day before than on the day!

5. wedding photography in Melbourne is always fraught with weather issues so make sure you have a plan B

6. Melbourne wedding photography is exciting because there are so many fabulous locations in Melbourne. It is important that you make sure you have all the permits needed for your wedding photography to take place. Check with the appropriate venues or councils well before the day so you can be organised with your permits. Some of them can be very pricey however there are also lots of free places to have your wedding photos taken in Melbourne so do your homework and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised!

As wedding photographers in Melbourne we are always going to new wedding venues in and around the city and also in the countryside outside of Melbourne so we will be posting more details on our favourite wedding venues in Melbourne in this section…

Gold Coast Wedding Photography – our photography style is beautiful and  natural which is perfect for beach wedding photography. We also love to get creative and funky with street scapes and recommend, for something a little different, the Emerald Lakes area which has a very European feel to it.

For a fabulous venue on either the Gold Coast or Melbourne you can’t go past the Marriott and we have been very fortunate to have been recommended by them for several years now. This means we have had the chance to photograph a lot of lovely brides and grooms at the Marriott and we have also had the opportunity to enjoy some absolutely  amazing meals there as part of our work.

In Melbourne the Waterfront Venues  are amazing. Beautiful location and beautiful food!

Destination Weddings

What an exciting way to get married by going somewhere abroad or at a very different location in Australia. We are very happy to go anywhere to photograph a wedding provided the expenses are covered but we are happy to talk to you about this and get excited with you!

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